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Join up with DEAR to profit from the thousands of businesses wanting help moving to DEAR.

  • Increase your consulting income
    Implementation partners commonly earn from $3K to over $10K per client in their first six months and more after they are running on DEAR.
  • Profit from revenue sharing
    Implementation partners can receive up to 20% of the DEAR subscription revenue from clients they subscribe to DEAR, or one-off payments for referrals.
  • Access technical documentation and masterclass training
    Receive access to technical documentation, step-by-step setup guide, and tutorial videos to help you get up to speed quickly. Learn the ins and outs of DEAR from our experts.
  • Gain priority support and early access to new features
    Receive priority support and assistance. Get early access to new features that will help you increase service revenue from your clients, and win new ones.

During our implementation partner consultation, we’ll answer your questions and help you get off to a smooth start.

  • Answer your questions about DEAR and our implementation partner benefits.
  • Share with the most direct route to become a DEAR implementation partner.
  • Get you signed up as a DEAR partner so that you can start making more money right away.
  • We’ll share with you exceptional promotional codes that you can share with your clients to get them a better deal on DEAR.

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